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  • Ellen Mary

Autumn at Cambridge University Botanic Garden

When Summer ends and nature turns from bright coloured flowers to the distinct Autumnal hues, many of us start to hibernate. Not me! I LOVE Autumn.

Firstly, whilst there is still plenty to do in the garden the heat is off (literally) and I am always fascinated by the way plants change with the seasons so watching perennials show off their splendid structures and seed heads in garden borders is amazing. I am always happy to leave many of mine throughout Winter to give some interest in the garden and plenty of food and shelter for insects and birds.

Secondly, embracing the chill in the air and going for a walk during Autumn is arguably the best time to do it. Trees are showing off their gorgeous colours of red, orange, yellow and still plenty of green - even motorways can take on a slightly more affable appearance due to the colourful trees.

Cambridge University Botanic Gardens is a lovely place to take a wander, not least because if you do require some warmth the glass house gives you plenty with its areas for tropical wetland plants, alpine plants, tropical rainforests and dry/arid conditions. A fantastic mix of planting taking you for a walk around the world of fascinating nature. I absolutely loved the long, dangly Thunbergia mysorensis (Indian clock vine) and well, who doesn't love a display of Cacti?

Outside an impressive range of trees stuns in the Autumn light and the systematic beds were displaying tall perennials in their dark, statuesque stage of life.

When I visited the lake was serenely calm with just the odd Mallard here and there and as the light lessened the brightly coloured trees lining the water reflected almost like a mirror.

I missed the International Garden Photographer of the year exhibition which runs to 21st December because I had to dash!

A lovely garden to visit in Cambridge with plenty of wonderful year round interest to fill the senses.

For more photos of my visit, take a look HERE


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