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  • Ellen Mary

British Flowers Week

Locally grown, freshly picked, organic, beautiful British flowers! That's what British Flowers Week is all about. Celebrating cut flowers grown by flower farmers in Britain. But what is so good about that!?

Well... firstly British grown flowers often have a much better scent than imported flowers because they are fresh and will last longer. The less time taken for the stems to reach shops where you can buy them means more time looking stunning in your vase! Also when the flowers are in season you will often find that the brilliant quality increases at the same time as price reduces. Win win!

And whilst you can purchase flowers that are not seasonal all year round if they are imported, there is something so much more special about displaying fresh seasonal flowers in your home. It's like really immersing yourself in the seasons and appreciating them for all of their beauty. Plus of course you are supporting some incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and talented cut flower farmers locally to you.

Growing your own cut flowers is also so rewarding. My allotment is home to many grown especially for cutting, although plenty are left for insects to enjoy as well, along with simply looking aesthetically wonderful too. I don't grow many of each because of limited space but I love to cut just a stem or two of each and make them into a bouquet or posy. The colours, textures and fragrances really make a room come alive with nature! We know that flowers really do make us happy and research has shown that giving flowers makes us as happy as receiving them. So yet another win win!

My favourites on the plot are always what's in season! It's so hard to pick but you just cant beat the beauty of Peonies, Sunflowers, Nigella, Dahlias, all the Umbellifers, Strawflowers (oh my gosh they are so wonderful dried) and the list goes on and on!

Check out your local cut flower farms, florists and other sellers via the British Flowers Week website. The photo above is a cut flower bunch from my spring allotment and you can check out more cut flowers via my Instagram and TikTok.


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