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  • Ellen Mary

Christmas Gifts for Nature Lovers

If you are gifting this Christmas, here's my top 6 gifts for your nature loving friends and family.

- Lego Bonsai - - 45.99

While a real life Bonsai can be a wonderful way to relieve stress, work with a plant creatively and bring nature in the home - there is also another really enjoyable way to enjoy a Bonsai tree! Lego has a collection of nature related sets and I just love them all. They can be a great way to get kids interested and asking questions about plants and a fun talking point for visitors.

- Plant a Tree Certificate - - 7.00 - 98.00

I can't think of anything better to do than plant a tree. So why not gift one to a friend? Help to reduce CO2 and create homes for wildlife, by gifting a tree to be planted on a UK farm or through a partner worldwide. The tree is planted and the location is provided so you can watch the tree growing via an app.

- SPF 25 Mineral Sunscreen - - 24.99

Gardeners spend a lot of time outside, so it's important to have a good quality sunscreen. Upcircle Beauty provide 100% vegan, certified cruelty free, plastic negative and UK made products made from upcycled plant leftovers from the juicing industry and this SPF is made from upcycled raspberry seeds. products arrive in glass jars with an aluminium line in fully recycled packaging. Get a discount at checkout with code ELLENMARY.

Bee Brick - - 21.00 - 52.00

Help solitary bees and give your friends a stylish feature for their garden. Bee bricks or blocks make nesting sites for red mason and leaf cutter bees along with other species. Interesting to watch, kids will enjoy seeing them too. These bees are not aggressive and would be happy to have a new home for Christmas!

Pick n Mix Seedball Gift Box - - 20.00

Seedballs are the most wonderful gift, making gardening for wildlife easy and fun. These cute boxes allow you to pick which mix of wildflowers you'd like to gift to help your friends and family grow a biodiverse garden.

Cactus, Cuppa & Time for You - - 24.50

A gift of plants and relaxation. This box includes a cactus in a pot, some herbal tea and an excellent book I have read myself, 'The Green Witch' where your recipient will discover the power of natural magic and healing through herbs, flowers and essential oils.


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