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  • Ellen Mary

Fall leaves

Now that autumn has left us and winter begins, the fall leaves are on the ground all around. How much do you love the crunch of fallen leaves as you step in them, or if you get a big enough pile - go jumping! Here in NC where I live part of the year, there are plenty to play in and many leaf blowers on most of the time as well! They have to be cleared up as best as possible because they block and already dodgy drainage system and if left in piles, they are the best place for snakes to hide. But before all of that...

When the Chlorophyll disappears and the leaves turn to their bare brown, yellow and red hues, trees look so magical. I wandered for miles around the streets just to take in the delayed changes this year due to warmer weather. It was so worth the wait! From the stunning bright yell Ginkgo Biloba trees to the Southern Live Oaks with their brown leaves and naked stems, the neighbourhood looked fantastic and many residents said this was the best year for autumn colour in as long as they could remember.

We took a wonderful trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway from North Carolina to Virginia to take in the glorious open air and look down on the trees in swathes across the landscape. It was truly the most stunning sight I had ever seen. Visitors flock to the outlooks to capture photos of such tree beauty. We did the same! But we also took the quieter roads too where we could stop, admire trees close up and yes...give them a hug. They deserve it! Find more photos at the below links:

Blue Ridge Parkway HERE

Kings mountain state park HERE

Blue Ridge Parkway 2 HERE


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