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  • Ellen Mary

Gardening 2021

How has your gardening year been? What a mixed bag of weather we've had. Here in Norfolk, its been mostly warm and wet with the odd splash of sun and oh...did I mention rain!?

There's been a lot on the allotment that hasn't ripened as well as previous years due to the lack of sunshine. In fact I should have moved most of my greenhouse crops to my parents by the coast because everyday I complained it was grey and rainy, just 20 miles down the road it was blue sky and sunshine! My Tomatoes have been Okkkk but not brilliant, same goes for the cucumbers and aubergines. I am sure they would have been better by the sea.

On the plot interestingly the plants that have undoubtedly enjoyed the humidity have been the more 'exotic' of the crops. The Achocha vine is looking blooming stunning! I love the leaf shape and little flowers that the bees swarm around. Having a rummage through the fast growing foliage I found so many Achochas, better than in previous years, with many more to follow. I highly recommend them! Find out more HERE.

Another brilliant crop has been the heritage Cucumber 'Poona Kheera' with it's incredible rusty mature skin and ever so slightly sweet/spicy flavour. It has been prolific and grown outside with just a little shelter. Check out the photos HERE.

All of the fruit has grown exceptionally well, especially the Gooseberries which turned into the most delicious jam and as ever there is the usual Runner Bean and Courgette glut (despite only plant two out this year).

We can never complain as gardeners because each year is so different and despite my complaints about the dull weather, my kitchen has become a cooking paradise with new and exciting homegrown crops.

Happy Gardening!

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Digital Aditya
Digital Aditya
10 jun 2022

Great Information really helpful blog

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