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  • Ellen Mary

Growing Winter Savory

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

An absolutely lovely winter herb, this evergreen perennial is a must for the winter herb garden. With fragrant leaves and white flowers during the summer months, you can pick the leaves now for the powerful flavour. Winter savory was introduced most likely by The Romans who along with ancient Egyptians and ancient Greeks, used the herb not just to help digestive and respiratory issues but also in love potions. Winter savory apparently as an an-aphrodisiac and summer savory as an aphrodisiac. Winter savory as a perennial, differs to Summer savory (Satureja hortensis) which has a more delicate flavour and is an annual so will need to be replaced each spring.

Seeds can be sown in spring and planted out after the last frosts preferably in well drained soil and a sunny position and cutting it back after flowering will encourage more growth. If you have some growing in a pot, move it into a frost free place over the winter months and you will be able to continue picking and add the gorgeous flavour to your festive cooking.

Plants can get a bit leggy, so this is definitely a herb that is happy to be picked frequently. Harvest the shoots and strip off the leaves to be used. Keep on picking so the plant gets bushy and produces more throughout the summer.

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