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Introducing Children to Gardening

Image Credit: Pexels CC0 License

Introducing children to the wonder of gardening can not only instill in them a sense of pride and achievement but also teach them valuable skills they can use for their whole life along with fostering a love for nature from an early age.

There are many health benefits to teaching children how to tend to a garden and flowers, including but not limited to a stronger immune system and helping them to be more active and get fresh air daily.

When it comes to starting gardening with children, it is best to stay small and then grow your plot and your plant and flower variety when their confidence grows. One flower is much easier to grow and tend to than five, and once they get a feel for what they are doing, then you can expand. Don't forget; you need the correct tools for both you and them. Child size tools will make the job much easier for their small hands and help them to get to grips with gardening easier. Build good habits from the beginning and make sure to feed their curiosity as well as the flowers by taking them to garden centres and nurseries such as Poplar Nurseries, farmers markets, and if you are going to grow fruits and vegetables, sampling your wares too!

Let your child pick what they want to grow from a small selection to pique their interest and make it much more enjoyable and a fun new hobby to take up.

When it comes to a beginners guide to gardening and planting flowers with children, what are the best flowers to start with?


Daisies are a perennial flower that is not only easy to grow but really pretty too. You can find daisies in a variety of different colours and their ability to grow in pretty much most climates means they are one of the best flowers to start with when it comes to gardening with children.

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas, much like daisies, are super easy to get started with. This flower will grow with ease anywhere in your garden - including along your fence! With a beautifully sweet fragrance that will no doubt delight children of all ages, the sweet pea is a perfect starter flower to get you going.


Choosing marigolds for your garden is always going to be a good choice. Firstly, the petals of the Marigold flower are edible, and this is always a bonus when it comes to curious children! Secondly, there is a vast array of colours to choose from to liven up your garden and make planting and watching out for the flowers much more fun for little ones. Marigolds are really easy to plant and produce a lot of flowers. They are perfect for borders or containers, making them ideal first flowers for children to grow.

Mostly, remember this should be a fun learning experience to help you nurture small minds and watch their love for gardening blossom.


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