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  • Ellen Mary

National Allotments Week 2022

National allotments week 2022 is all about bugs. It’s about reminding us that it’s SO important to garden with nature in mind. Encouraging wildlife to our gardens not only benefits the environment both locally and for the planet but can also be beneficial for your wellbeing.

Allotments are full of plants, micro-organisms, fungi, insects and animals supporting eco-systems, often much needed in urban environments. An allotment can be a place to be alone with nature, feel part of a community or a place where family gather to find common ground.

There are various physical and mental health wellbeing benefits of growing your own food and it's great to support The National Allotment Society with the all important week to promote the importance of allotments.

If you head over to the National Allotment Society website, you’ll find information in partnership with Bug Life about completing a bug survey to help out - a great activity for kids as well!

Happy gardening 💚


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