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  • Ellen Mary

My New Book! The Joy of Gardening

It has been a dream of mine for so many years to write a book. A few years ago, I met with my agent to discuss some ideas and not long afterwards, I was approached by Greenfinch Books to write a joyful book about gardening and wellbeing. The opportunity was perfect timing and a great step into the world of authoring.

I started writing the book before lockdown and finished it during those dark lockdown days - when for me and I know many others - gardening was the escape, the time out, the place to focus, forget the world. It only heightened to me as I was writing just how immensely important it is for us to not just garden because we think we have to, such as we 'have' to mow the lawn to keep it neat or we 'have' to rake up leaves or pathways are messy but to think of every single thing we do as creating an impact and how looking at gardening holistically while linking it to our own day to day and overall mental health is intrinsic to our wellbeing.

The book takes the reader on a light journey throughout the year from planning to sowing, growing, harvesting, sharing, reflecting with many easy gardening tips but also linking actions and processes in the garden to our own thoughts and feelings. There are life lessons and activities including affirmations while you are gardening and ways to weed out negative thoughts.

When the first reviews came in, I was so nervous but totally blown away by such positive comments from BBC Gardeners World presenter Mark Lane, Professor Alistair Griffiths from The RHS, and Sally Petitt, Head of Horticulture at Cambridge University Botanic Garden.

I've always wanted to share my knowledge and how I take care of my own mental health through gardening, plants and nature and this book does just that. It's mental health awareness week from 10th May 2021 and I will be sharing lots of snippets and photos from the book on my social media pages, so follow along and immerse yourself in The Joy of Gardening!

Available for pre order now via most online book shops: HERE on Amazon

Release date: 27th May 2021.


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