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  • Ellen Mary

New Store to Celebrate Nature

My love of plants goes back many years, since I was a child, and now more than ever we need to be spreading the word about the importance of plants and nature for us, for the planet - for everything! So I decided one more way we can shout about it is to wear the T-shirt and help inspire people to get involved with plants, get a deeper appreciation of trees and consider everyone's wellbeing.

THE WELLBEING COLLECTION is designed to be simple but effective. One word is all we need to remind ourselves and others, so I have picked my favourites to wear as a reminder to us all.

I couldn't design a store without some top notch flowers could I!? So THE FLOWER COLLECTION is so you can say it with flowers to everyone you meet. We know that just looking a flowers can improve our mood so hopefully these will also make you smile. You will even find a T-shirt printed with MY VERY OWN TATTOO. Designed by my good friend Ruth, it sits on my back and I love it! Now you can wear it as well.

This is the base collection, there are more to follow and I hope you love them. The T-shirts are made from organic cotton and go on their own journey which you can follow if you click on THE JOURNEY page. Meet the people who make them and learn the processes involved.

15% of profits from THE TREE COLLECTION will be donated to a tree initiative, keep an eye on this blog here to find out which initiative will be benefiting at different times of the year.

Plus, if you follow me on social media, you will know I eat a plant based diet and grow lots of my own food on my allotment, so it goes without saying there is a PLANT BASED COLLECTION as well.

Take a look at my TOP PICKS as well!

Keep a check on this website as new designs will be continuously uploaded.

Have fun shopping :-)


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