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  • Ellen Mary

Plant Hunting

Have you ever wanted to be a plant hunter? I would love to! Imagine travelling the world, often to remote corners to discover new species. Definitely missed my vocation there.

Ambra Edwards has written this incredible book The Plant Hunter's Atlas with stories from Botany Bay to Brazil about the researchers, botanists and thieves who have scoured the world in the search of plants. The stories are beautifully illustrated in association with Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. It's inspirational, enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable. Put it on your Christmas list!

We chatted with Ambra on The Plant Based Podcast and were both entirely captivated by her enthusiasm and incredible insights into how plants were discovered. It's a great episode, I know you will love it! Plus you'll hear from the vibrant Augusts Garden and from 3 year old Teddy, the one minute gardener.

In all good podcast libaries, one of which is HERE :-)

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Nov 02, 2021

What s great opportunity you had!

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