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Tips to prepare your garden for summer

It might still officially be winter, but the days are slowly getting longer and the lighter evenings are just around the corner. As spring approaches, many of us will be considering how to get our gardens ready for the warmer months. If you’re unsure where to start, these tips will help you get your outside space summer ready in no time.

Clean up your garden tools

First things first. Your gardening equipment has probably been sitting in a shed or garage for the past few months so it’s a good idea to locate it and give your tools a good clean before getting to work.

Investing some time thoroughly cleaning your garden tools will ensure they perform at their best and last for years to come.

Tidy up flower beds

In preparation for planting, you might want to consider tidying up flower beds and borders. Remove any old plants, weeds or vegetation and mulch with some well rotted organic matter. Spruce up pots and containers in the same way.

Trimming evergreen shrubs before the nesting season will help to ensure they don’t grow wild during the warmer months and keep your garden looking tidy.

Replace the old fence

It might be that your fence has seen better days, due to extreme winter weather or general wear and tear. If this is the case, you might want to think about replacing the fence or fence panels. As well as ensuring privacy from any neighbours, fencing can create a neat aesthetic and can be used to grow climbers up for extra greenery.

Get rid of weeds

Giving your garden a spring makeover means removing any weeds before beginning to cultivate your garden. Remove weeds at the root to prevent speedy regrowth and to ensure your cultivated plants have room to grow. Don’t forget some weeds are beneficial and even edible, so research what they are first. If your lawn suffers from weed growth, mowing it before attempting to remove them will make the job easier. Compost what you can and make sure other waste is disposed of correctly.

Plant new bulbs

To allow your garden to look its best for summer, think about the types of plants and flowers you want and begin to plant new bulbs. Add a variety of colours to bring your space to life. You could even think about experimenting with new plants for a more exotic look depending on your garden style.

Consider wildlife

Clean or replace any old bird seed containers and provide new feeders if your old ones are starting to fall apart. Make sure any feathered visitors have access to fresh water and add some nesting boxes to your garden for a cosy retreat.

Clean decking and patios

Giving your patio a scrub can make a big difference to the look of your garden and it will look much tidier if you let your paving shine. You can choose to use a specialist patio cleaner or make your own at home.

With these cost-effective DIY garden solutions, your outside space will be refreshed and ready to be enjoyed for spring and summer.


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