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  • Ellen Mary

Tulips From Amsterdam to North Carolina & Norfolk

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Recently I have been scrolling back through my photos to remind myself of the Tulip fields in Amsterdam. It was a dream to visit Keukenhof Gardens in 2019 and I had planned to go back in 2020 - but we all know the reasons why I, along with many others didn't make it!

So it's the phone memories for now and I am so pleased I took a gazillion photos and videos! It was like being back there again. I do recall it being pretty cold on the day but the brightness of the Tulips was enough to keep everyone smiling. The sheer numbers and varieties is just mind blowing and I think my eyes ached - yes seriously - they didn't know where to look next! Keukenhof Garden is a work of art, with 800 different varieties of Tulips and millions of bulbs in total it is a true feast for the eyes.

Back home, it's not quite the Keukenhof in my garden or on the NC balcony but the tulips I have planted are putting on the most lovely show (for those of you who haven't followed my journey online - I live mostly in the UK and partly in North Carolina - where I was for most of lockdown 2020 due to Tavel restrictions).

There is a small front garden where the pink, purple and white tulips are putting on a superb long lasting show and on the NC balcony my husband is tending to some pots full of 'Rainbow Parrot', 'Renoun Unique' and 'Brownie' looking absolutely stunning on the top floor of an apartment block in the temperamental spring NC weather. They were from Dutch Grown and have cheered up our little balcony so much. A little slice of Keukenhof memories in an urban environment.

At home in the UK garden, I have 'All That Jazz' blooming in a terracotta pot for about the 6th year running plus 'Blue Aimable', 'Green Wave' and 'Orange Princess'. 'All That Jazz' pops up in her pink with white petal edges every year without fail - quite happily in a pot. On the allotment I have a spring bulb patch where there are rows of beautiful spring bulbs - Daffodils, Hyacinths and Tulips - all brightening up the plot and providing some nectar for bees and other pollinators. Of course, some do end up in a vase as well because they just look so pretty.

When we are free to travel again, if you can ever go to visit Keukenhof, I recommend it so much! But if not, why not just create your own Tulips display at home.

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