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  • Ellen Mary

Water Saving - Love Every Drop

This year I’ve focussed on saving water for my allotment plot 💦 How do you save water in your garden, plot or at home?

Here’s my tips to minimise water use in the garden because every drop really does count...

💧Go No Dig! This is about nature doing what it does best with a little management & a lot of mulch. Mulch helps retain moisture in the soil & I can totally see the difference on my plot with a vastly reduced amount of water use this year, despite the hotter weather. Plan your no dig beds now so they are good to go next spring.

💧 Plant drought tolerant plants. As the climate heats up & we see hotter, dryer weather Xeriscaping will become far more widely used. Visit some dry gardens for inspo & you’ll find many plants great for pollinators, look amazing & need less water. Win-win! Some of my favourites are Verbena bonariensis, Agapanthus, Perovskia, Achillea, Echinops & Eryngium. Below you’ll see one of my new favourites Sedum ‘Atlantis’. Now is a great time to get planting as the soil is still warm, giving them time to settle before winter.

💧 Get a big butt! Water butts are the easiest way to collect water & if you have the space go big! You can attach them to your greenhouse or shed but don’t worry if space is limited. There’s many containers to collect rainwater in from slimline butts to drums. If you install them now, they will be collecting rainwater all winter ready for you to use next year.

💧 Some general tips -

1. despite popular belief, watering your garden in the morning is actually a wise move compared to night time, especially if you have a lot of slugs & snails. Watering early in the morning can also prevent fungal diseases that take hold overnight but if you’re not an early bird then early evening works well...but avoid midday sun.

2. water at the base of the plant so the water reaches the roots rather than on the foliage & evaporating.

3. reuse your washing up water in the garden on your plants & lawn but avoid using it on edible plants.

It’s simple to save water, it’ll help you, your plants & the environment.

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